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Jake McArthur

Jake McArthur is currently 21 years young. He is a songwriter and performer out of Detroit, Michigan. Jake attends Detroit Institute of Music Education and is working towards a Bachelor's degree in Songwriting. He hones his live show by continuously playing out. Jake's goals are simple: put out music that reflects him as a person and as an artist, and to keep the artistry of making music at the forefront of his career. 

Mieczkowski Family

Their music is Spiritual Classical music...What a talented family! AMAZING! 

Caleb Ford

Caleb Ford brings a truly unique voice to the world stage. His music combines ska, rocksteady, reggae, rock, and northern soul. He grew up in Detroit, and has traveled the world, from Kingston to Beijing, New York to Paris, making music and growing as an artist along the way. Currently residing in Oakland, CA, his music reflects his travels and life experiences. 

Emma Lee Aboukasm

Emma Lee Aboukasm is an award-winning, Detroit-based recording artist, vocalist, pianist, and composer. Educated in classical and jazz music at the University of Michigan, she is now performing everywhere.


Recently, Emmalee co-produced her debut album Rise To It with Scott Gwinnell, feat. Scott Gwinnell on piano, Marion Hayden on bass, Sean Dobbins on drums and Tristan Cappel on alto sax. The album contains jazz standards and original compositions by Emmalee.

Luther Badman Keith

His vocals have been compared to Jimi Hendrix, his guitar style and energy to Luther Allison with a songwriting gift and sense of humor all his own. All this from a guy who didn’t pick up a guitar until he was past 30 years old and didn’t play his first professional gig until he was well into his 40s.

Jackie Stahl & The White Russians

The White Russians play what they describe as "Dirty Americana" music, influenced by Detroit rock, country, blues, jazz, and soul. Stahl's various musical influences range from local folk hero, guitarist Rodriguez to the classic sound of composer Burt Bacharach, the blues stomp of The Black Keys, jazz legend Miles Davis and troubadour Tom Waits. 

Stacia Petrie Ford

Stacia Petrie Ford has released five albums of mostly original material and two albums with the Detroit Women and two with the group Motor City Women. Stacia's original music can be described as a modern blend of acoustic-based rock and blues with innovative lyrics that embody a fresh imaginative perspective on song themes old and new.

K.C. Wright

K.C. Wright is a Singer/Songwriter from the Detroit area. A Lover of all music, K.C. Wright has been writing music for over 20 years but just found the courage to display her work. She sang background for many years for a relative and local Detroit artist K'Jon. K.C. Wright said that her goal is to be the best songwriter/producer she can be a make music for the soul. 

Black Market Radio

Black Market Radio's tribal drumming of Big Stones with a hard, raw riff that could probably cut through your bones recalls what Soundgarden would have sounded like if they combined Badmotorfinger and Superunknown, and Peter Cornell's vocals just seals the deal. The entire album is full of these recollections, but the band doesn't sit back and ride on Soundgarden's coattails, they add their own mark and come away with a home-run.

Red Baron

Red Baron is a Rock 'N' Roll quartet from the suburbs of Detroit MI. The band consists of Tyler Chernoff (vocals/guitar), Jordon Stockdale  (vocals/guitar), Michael Jovanovski (drums), and Jason St.John (bass). Debuting their new EP in 2016, which features their single "Not Alone", the band has gathered a legion of dedicated fans since their start. The band is set to start touring and reaching more fans while staying true to their Detroit rock city roots.

Melanie Mercadante

Melanie Mercadante, a 19 year old singer/songwriter new to the Detroit music scene, has been drawing and writing her own music since the age of four. She studies Graphic Design at the College for Creative Studies, and works to combine both her intricate and detailed drawing style with her irrefutable writing abilities to create a unique listening experience.

Choking Susan

Hailing from the stench filled slums of Detroit's Motor City, female-fronted punk band Choking Susan has been perspiring and inspiring all over the world! For the past 12 years, they've toured from coast to coast all over the USA, Canada, Spain, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic and France! This year they will also be playing Amsterdam for the first time.

Mark Milez

Mark Milez is an award winning independent artist from the suburban outskirts of Detroit, Michigan. Known for his ability to both sing and rap, he has become one of the industries most versatile and highly anticipated new artists. He writes and co-produces all of his own songs and performs many different styles of music within the Hip-Hop and R&B genres.


Since their inception in 2015, EBX has been going nonstop. Releasing two albums, 'Smile and a Bullet' and 'That’s What She Said', touring all over Michigan and now starting to branch out as far as California, ELSIE BINX is running at full steam with no signs of stopping.

Pete Cannella

Singer and songwriter Pete Cannella is well known for his smooth performances of the classic standards as well as original compositions, but there is much more to this gentleman than music.  Pete is a patriot as well as a performer, and proudly served as a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps.


Inori was formed between two mutual friends named Matthew Murphy, and Ryan Herrera in 2013. The duo set out to accomplish specific goals - developing unique original songs that comprised of emotion, soaring melodic vocals, clean haunting/heavy guitar riffs, thundering yet simplistic drums, and bass lines that complement the band as whole unit.

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