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Motor City Josh Ford
Josh Ford (Motor City Josh)
Josh is a lifer. He........
  • Went to the Detroit Institute of Recording for Audio.
  • Toured for 23 years and put out 12 Albums.
  • Produced hundreds of records and has multiple Detroit Music Awards.
  • Specializes in anything that grooves!   If you want an enjoyable and productive recording experience from start to finish… come see Josh at The Sound Shop.
Ivan Fargo
Ivan Fargo
Ivan got his start in music in 2001, at age 10, when he first picked up the guitar. He quickly started studying various musical groups and artists to expand his knowledge of the instrument. Before long, he moved on to writing his own music, as well as playing and touring in bands as he got older.

His first recording experience occurred at age 16 when his dad brought home a little 8 track digital recorder. After much trial and error, frustration, and eventual success with the little machine, he moved up to buying his own Protools rig at age 18. From that point on he started recording/working with various bands in the Detroit area out of his home. 

Rock, metal, indie, alternative, math rock, noise rock, pop, electronic, rap, ambient, progressive, and everything in between, there are very few genres that Ivan hasn't gotten to work with in his 7 years of engineering music for artists. Ivan started engineering out of the Sound Shop in early 2012, and now at age 23 he continues to search for the next band/artist that will challenge him to design a studio sound that best captures the energy that they have. 
Kevin Wesley Willams
Kevin Wesley Williams
Music is all Kevin Wesley's ever known for the past thirty years.  He's toured with headliners from Madonna to Marilyn Manson, and partnered with tons of musicians in his studio to create real music with real instruments. His work speaks for himself.  Kevin takes times to understand every artist that walks through his door and creates industry standard records.  No artist ever has to say "That's not finished yet" or "We're going to add this" when sharing their music.  If he's a part of it, you will want everyone to hear it! 

You're not going to find a cooler, laid back studio in Metro Detroit with affordable rates than the Sound Shop!  They have multiple rooms for bands to setup and record live, intimate recording rooms, and a lounge and bathroom that will make you want to live there or chill out with all your friends while doing what you love.
Phil Steuer
Phil Steuer
A lifelong music lover, Phil picked up the bass and guitar at age 14 and has played for numerous bands and participated in many recordings. During this time he became interested in the recording process and graduated from The Art Institutes of Michigan with a Bachelor's of Science in audio production.
Erin Accomando
Erin Accomando
social media/vocal coach/musician
With a performance and music theory background of over 20 years, Erin's experience with all genres of music brings a unique source of musicality and creativity to everything she works on. She offers vocal performance coaching at a weekly rate and regularly provides background vocals on an array of clients.

Do you need a band to make your vision a reality? No problem!

The Sound Shop has an extended family of studio musicians. 

Motown had The Funk Brothers, Los Angeles had The Recking Crew and Muscle Shoals had The Swampers. 

The Sound Shop has The Dream Team.


Todd Glass

Adam James

Eric Savage

Dylan McCarty

Skeeto Valdez


Todd Glass

Adam James

Eric Savage

Dylan McCarty

Skeeto Valdez


Alex Lyon

Takashi Iio

Jordan Shug

Paul Keller

Marvin Conrad

Chuck Bartels

Ralph Armstrong

James Simonson


Jim David

Scott Gwinnell

Chris Codish

Evan Mercer

Dale Grisa


Jackson Smith

Johnny Rhoades

Ivan Fargo

Phil Steuer

Brett Lucas

Matt Callaway


Keith Kaminski

Carl Cafagna

Bobby Streng

James Hughes

John Douglas

Mark Byerly

Jimmy Smith

Matt Martinez


Nancy Chaklos

Molly Hughes

Anna Mieczkowski

Melody Mieczkowski

Lydia Mieczkowski

Mary Mieczkowski


Stacia Petrie Ford

Erin Accomando

Gia Warner

Caleb Ford

Trish Shandor

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