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Scott Gwinnell

Lecturer, Instructor of Jazz Piano, Theory, and Arranging. Director of Oakland Jazz Singers, Director of Vocal Jazz Education Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts

Josh Ford is a complete pro and easy to work with. Every session at The Sound Shop was well-managed with great facilities. Whether it was a big band, a duo or anywhere in-between, Josh was on top of it.

Keke Soulshine


I don’t think there is enough positivity that I can convey about The Sound Shop. It is my absolute favorite studio I have ever recorded at. It is a comfortable and inviting space that, from the moment you walk in, makes you feel like you belong there. Every space in the studio puts me in a creative state of mind and helps me to put out exactly the results that I had in my mind when I record. The producers at The Sound Shop have the experience, professionalism and capability to make every moment you spend there worthwhile. Whether you are ready to step right in and lay down a track or you want to spend some time playing with ideas, they always make you feel comfortable and you know you are in good hands. Josh’s years of experience can be felt from the first moment you work with him. His knowledge comes though in ability to bring out the best in you and your work. Watching him work always amazes me and each time, you have no doubt that he loves what he is doing and you hear it in the results. I will forever feel that The Sound Shop is my “home” and it will always be my favorite place to record.

Ryan Herrera

Guitarist, INORI (Rock)

I've shown 'Mon Ange' to people and they're like, "Where did you guys record that song? It sounds so good!" We really appreciate your expertise and commitment to providing the best quality. And thank you for taking the time to help produce the EP. Your touches really brought out the best in the music.


Drummer/Manager, Purple Lights

Our experience was unforgettable. The whole band came from all over Switzerland to record our first album at The Sound Shop Studio and we had a really great time doing it. Josh is very professional and, at the same time, very easy going. He immediately made us feel comfortable. He produces a very creative atmosphere with his advice and empathic coaching. He is also a brilliant instrumentalist himself, which adds enormous value to the final product. Highly recommended!

George Stephen Kelly


The Sound Shop Studio is one of my favorite places on Earth. The vibe is relaxed, the facility first rate. The first record I made there started with a six piece band (including horns), recorded live, and came off without a hitch or any wasted time. The album reached number 24 on the Living Blues Radio Chart in 2016. That is thanks to engineer Josh Ford. A few of his key characteristics are as follows:


  • Highly knowledgeable of the gear and the recording process. Time is of the essence in the studio (hourly rates apply), and there is no wasted time here.

  • A brilliant, versatile musician that contributes serious guitar, bass and percussion and musical ideas at no extra charge. I don't know where else you get that.

  • Lightning with comps

  • Positive and encouraging

  • Has an in-house rhythm section (including himself) that plays with tremendous feel, soul and efficiency. These guys do not phone it in.

  • Has access to numerous top notch musicians to support your recording


I am now finishing up my second album recorded at the Sound Shop Studio, an entirely different musical concept than the first one, and once again I am thrilled with the results. I can't wait until it's time for the next project.

Suzanne Dee Gorman


When I met Kevin William's I could see he is very passionate about his work in sound and production. I knew that when I heard his 'all knowing' voice through my headphones in the sound booth that I would be very well taken care of. I knew that we would meet somewhere in between the gut of the song and the music skin as individual artists working in sync to find the best end result to each and every song on the project. Not only was he great to work with but one thing I will never forget are Kevin's unique comical comments that would come out every so often and set me sailing in laughter. Kevin came down with me to engineer my sound during the making of my CD, OPEN BOOK at Reba McEntire's Studio in Nashville during the making of my record with Range/Sony. He continued the process when we got back to PA to finalize the vocals. His knowledge comes from what is born out of the purest of experience. Kevin has the history behind him to be able to help those who endeavor to learn the truest of what the industry is all about, where it is today and an insight of where it's future lies. Those artists who work with Kevin will without a doubt benefit from what he has to offer in the very competitive world of the artistry in song development and the business it has to procure.

Randy Riddle

Guitarist, Core Effect (Rock)

Writing songs is a very personal and complicated process, but our songs are not complete until they have passed through Kevin's hands. Kevin brings out the best in us and will not settle for anything less. He will take your song light years beyond what you ever expected. He is the "5th" member of Core Effect and our friend for life.

K.C. Wright


The Sound Shop is the best place to record your next new project. It has been the best experience I have had. The atmosphere and professionalism that all of the producers, engineers and musicians all give you is exactly what you need. They provide such top notch quality sound. If you are looking for real musicians and an awesome sound, you have to go record at The Sound Shop!

Eric Kronner

Vocals/Harmonica, The V6's (Blues, Adult Contemporary)

From the very beginning, you've been straight forward and great to work with. Your music Industry knowledge and experience blows my mind, too. Thanks for allowing Blues In The D to let the creativity flow and for the great advice when we asked for your thoughts. Being in studio is one of those experiences I'll never forget. And you have the beginnings of a music museum along with those different recording rooms... Cool place, great vibe. Hope to do another album in the future.  I'd recommend you and your studio to anyone.

Luther Badman Keith

Singer/Guitarist, Bluesman

Great producer. Listens and make your songs better with his arrangement ideas. Open to new ideas, willing to tell you what works, and explains why it works or it doesn't. Helped me produce the best CD of my career. First class recording studio. Highly recommended!

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